Children’s Wellbeing Cards


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The Children’s Wellbeing Cards have been designed with the intention of lovingly supporting children to affirm their seven foundational needs.

The Children’s Wellbeing cards bring awareness to children’s needs according to the chakras.

Each of the 28 cards has an accompanying reading, supporting parents to encourage and affirm their children’s needs in a simple way.

By using the cards, children discover words and images to help them express their feelings and come to know that their needs matter, which is vitally important to their wellbeing.

Author Bio:

Dr Maxine Therese is a leading expert in the field of children’s wellbeing. Her Ph.D. research proposed a theory of the child as a soul with integrated body, mind and spirit) and a new developmental model for children’s wellbeing based on the Indian chakra system. It has been Maxine’s focus and passion for decades to nurture the greatest potential in children. Mothering set her on this path more directly, as she came to know herself more deeply through her own children; her two adult sons are her inspiration and greatest support.

As founder and director of Childosophy™ and creator of the foundational needs model, Maxine trains practitioners, teachers and parents in her child-centred wellbeing methods. She supports parents and children in clinical practice to understand their needs through common behaviours that are presenting. When adults understand how their unmet needs (often in the way of inter-generational patterns) manifest in their children’s lives they are able to see the reason beneath the imbalances.

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