Body Language Decoder. 50 Cards To Reveal What They’re Really Thinking


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Learning to decode nonverbal communication can be a great tool to help us understand other people’s thoughts and feelings, and it can help us make ourselves better understood too. Whether it’s friends, family or lovers, colleagues or strangers, there is a wealth of meaning in the body language of those around us and most of us aren’t even aware it exists – Body Language Decoder can help you tap into it. Being able to gauge more easily what a client or colleague is truly thinking or your partner is truly feeling will open up a world of understanding and communication.

Author Bio:

Martin Brooks is an experienced communication coach and trainer. He has always been fasci nated by the reading of body language and how it can help us to understand people better and communicate more effectively. In 2002 Martin set up his own communication consultancy. He helps his clients to create compelling communication through online videos, group workshops, and one-to-one coaching. Martin’s body language analysis has been seen on the BBC, LBC Radio, and the Discovery Channel.


“I love what Martin has done here. He’s flipped the script and not only created something original but something that is incredibly valuable, insightful, and easy to use. It will allow you to recognise those around you and to help you know how to better engage with them.” – Paul Furlong Author of Rule the World.

“A great format to easily digest and engage with, the Body Language Decoder cards provide some fascinating insights into what we and others are communicating subconsciously with our body language. I’m using them not only to work on my own professional communication skills, but also to help my son who has Asperger’s to understand more about social interaction cues”