No Interest Loans (NILS®)

Kyabra is part of a national network of NILS providers delivering safe, fair and affordable loans across Australia. A NILS loan allows people on low incomes to borrow up to $1500 for essential goods and services such as furniture, appliances, education or medical expenses. Payments are made directly to your chosen retailer; cash loans are not available. There are no fees, charges or penalty payments when taking out a No Interest Loan – the amount you borrow is the same amount you pay back.

To ensure that a loan is the best option for you, we ask you to provide evidence of your income and expenses and complete a loan interview, either in person at one of our Brisbane or Sunshine Coast offices, or over the phone. Here’s a list of how NILS can be used and documents that you may need to provide – our Intake Workers will talk through this with you when you first contact us about a loan. NILS loan applications are usually processed within a few days of us completing the loan interview.

As borrowers repay their loans, the NILS network is able to continue to provide loans to other people who are on low incomes. This "recycling" of money provides a valuable, ongoing resource for our local community.

For more information about NILS contact us on 07 3373 9499 (Brisbane) or 5441 3837 (Sunshine Coast)




For more information contact our Intake Team at Kyabra:

Phone: 07 3373 9499