NDIS Pre-Planning

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The Kyabra NDIS pre-planning workbook is based on the info that the Individual/family will take to the NDIS planning conversation with the NDIA.

There are three main areas in the workbook:

  • current supports (including funding)
  • equipment needs for next 12 months
  • goals for the person in eight different areas (“NDIS Domains”).



The NDIS pre-planning checklist lists common information that may be relevant for each section in the workbook. It is designed to be used either as you go through the workbook, or to complete the whole checklist and then you can transfer the information from the checklist into the workbook.



The NDIS Getting Plan Ready is a useful workbook that helps to become clear on what specific information will go into the NDIS Plan including current living arrangements, informal supports, and day-to-day life. It also helps to get clarity on your goals under NDIS.



The NDIS Participant Statement is a condensed 2-page document that you can take to the NDIS Planning meeting and give a copy of this to the NDIS Planner/LAC.