Jean Griffin

Jean has been with Kyabra since 1999.  Having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences at LaTrobe University, she then went on to gain a Bachelor of Social Work at Monash University.  Jean has worked in marginalised areas in country Victoria in supported and transitional housing. This sparked her interest in the structural barriers that exist for people to participate fully and what it is that needs to be present to support resilience, hope and change.

Her working history in Victoria also saw her build her skills broadly to support the many roles a Social Worker must cover in addressing the additional gaps that exist in both marginalised and non-metropolitan areas and cemented the importance of networking, collaboration and partnership to provide the best possible outcomes for families and individuals.

Jean hopes that the notions of offering a supportive learning and developmental environment that harness existing strengths and resources are applicable with both the work that is done with community members and within organisational life.