Lori Rubenstein


For more than 30 years, Lori has worked with governments and NGOs in the United States, Australia and Singapore.

During this time she has conducted social research and evaluation in education, employment, health (including mental health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health), housing, early intervention, juvenile justice, disabilities and family policy. She has provided government agencies with policy and strategic advice on these issues.

She continues to facilitate strategic planning with advocacy and service agencies and to evaluate the outcomes and impact of policy and program investments.  Lori also has extensive teaching and training experience, including specially-designed strategic planning and evaluation courses for senior bureaucrats and service providers, tertiary courses in research, policy development and evaluation, and workshops for practitioners across health, community services, workforce development, innovation, visioning, planning and priority setting.

Current interests include development of user-friendly systems and tools for measurement of outcomes, impact, social value and the new forms of investment in social benefits.